Documentary requirements may either be submitted personally or via post mail. If mailed, please include a prepaid self-addressed return envelope and make sure to send it to this address: Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Toronto 200-160 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto ON M4P 1E8 Contact no. (416) 975-8252
An authorized representative and member of the said company may submit on behalf of the Company. (Please see notes on how to get an Authorization Pass)
The processing time depends on the volume received for that particular category. It may range between five (5) to seven (7) working days. All documents received for the day will line up in the order of receipt. This estimate does not include the time required for scheduling an interview/inspection, as the need for either may only be determined after evaluation of submitted documents. This estimate also does not include the time required to return incomplete submissions to employer/company.
Verification fees will depend on the number of workers hired and documents to be submitted. Below are the standard rates: Individual Employment Contract - Cad $11.50 Master Employment Contract - Cad $34.50 Business License of the Company - Cad $11.50 Recruitment Agreement - Cad $11.50
POLO Toronto does not accept applications with electronic signatures/scanned signatures. All signatures must be originally affixed on the document.
POLO Toronto reserves the right to determine whether or not an interview is necessary. Upon the discretion of the Labor Attaché, if it is deemed fit, an interview schedule will be offered to the company, after the evaluation of documents. Please note that interviews are conducted in English. Companies are advised to bring their own translators, if necessary.
Upon the discretion of the Labor Attaché, where deemed necessary, an inspection of the worksite and accommodation shall be conducted, either during the application process or upon arrival of the Filipino workers at the jobsite.
This means that there are items in your previously submitted documents that need correction or clarification. There is an attached compliance/deficiency note that identifies the areas for the Company’s appropriate action. When re-submitting the compliance documents, please write COMPLIANCE in bold letters outside the letter pack and attach the compliance/deficiency note, to make sure that your documents go straight to the Processing Officer in charge.
POLO’s business hours are as follows: Monday to Friday 09:00am to 06:00pm (No lunch break) For list of holidays to be observed, you may refer to the official list as issued by the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa and the Philippine Consulate in Toronto.
Interested companies may browse the POEA website for the list of recruitment agencies.
For OWWA Membership, you may download the application form on this link and send it along with the documentary requirements and payment through post mail. For those who prefer to acquire their respective OECs in the Philippines, they may avail of the verification procedure of the POLO before going home to the Philippines to ensure that they are prepared with the appropriate documentary requirements for the POEA; either through post mail submission to POLO or personal appearance.
Currently, the only category allowed for Multiple Accreditation is Hiring Household Workers for the National Strategic Special Zones. For all other categories, the rule only allows a Foreign Principal to partner with a maximum of two (2) PRAs.
Per Section 104, b. of the 2016 Revised POEA Rules and Regulations, an accreditation may be revoked upon written mutual agreement by the principal/employer and the licensed recruitment agency to terminate the agreement. As a general rule, the documents required by the POEA does not need to undergo POLO verification, unless certain circumstances determined by POEA require otherwise.
Principals with changes in presidents and/or company addresses are required to submit the following for verification at the POLO: 1. Letter of explanation concerning the changes. 2. Company registration reflecting the changes with English translations. 3. New Master Employment Contract with signature of the new president and/or the new address. 4. Copies of 1-3.

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