OWWA has a twin mandate of providing social and welfare programs and services to member-OFWs and ensuring the efficiency of collections and the viability of sustainability of the OWWA fund.

With membership fee of US$25.00, an active OFW-member and his/her family is entitled to the following benefits and services:

  1. Social Benefits
  • Disability and Dismemberment Benefit – up to a maximum of PhP100,000.00 for injuries sustained due to accident while working abroad.
  • Death Benefits – PhP100,000.00 for death due natural cause and PhP200,000.00 for death due to accident.
  • Burial Benefits – PhP20,000.00 for funeral expenses on top of death benefit
    • Educational Assistance – for eldest child/dependent
    • Livelihood Assistance – PhP 15,000.00 for surviving spouse/beneficiary

     II. Education and Training Assistance

  • Education and Development Scholarship Program (EDSP) – educational assistance offered to qualified dependents/beneficiaries of member-OFWs. The scholarship consists of a maximum of PHP60,000.00 per school year leading to a four-to-five-year baccalaureate course in any college or university. 
  • OFW Dependent Scholarship Program (OFWDSP) – educational assistance of PhP20,000.00 per school year to qualified dependent of an active member -OFW whose salary is not more than US$600.00.
  • Skills for Employment Scholarship Program (SESP) – provides technical-vocational assistance to a maximum of PHP14,500.00 per course to qualified active member-OFWs or their dependents at any TESDA accredited training centers. 
  • Information Technology (IT) Training Program – basic computer literacy program to upgrade the IT skills of OFWs and their families
  • Seafarer’s Upgrading Program (SUP)– training assistance for short-term courses of up to Php7,500.00 per course.

**** succeeding availments every after three (3) recorded membership contributions

   III. Workers Welfare Assistance Program

  • Medical Assistance – up to a maximum of PhP 20,000.00 for illnesses acquired or injuries sustained by active OWWA member 
  • Calamity Assistance – for active OWWA members and their families affected by natural or human-induced calamities/disasters
  • Relief Assistance – for OWWA members who were displaced/laid-off en masse due to economic/political/health situations.

Bereavement Assistance – financial assistance for the family of deceased non-active OWWA member

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